29 Desember 2010

miss my best ya ♥

Hey, Good afternoon world! How was your day? Good? Amazing? Fantastic? Hahaha have fun by the way! I just stay at home right now, I don't know what should I do.

So many problems around me and of course that make me sad. Crying all night along, woke up with a headache and horrible face. Seriously, I'm not in a good mood until now. But, I try to forget everything. Try to refresh my brain. Try to laugh with my mother, eventhough it's look like a horrible mask. Hahaha really I'm stuck in this situation.

I wanna talking so much now. About my Family, my fucking Holiday, and my Creyzeh Friends. Oh, yes I wanna talking about my Creyzeh Friend! Actually, I don't want to remember it, cause it's too hard and make me sad. But I still feel uhmm I don't know what is that maybe something like "nge-ganjel".

You just keep silent and act that everything okay, but the truth is not! You just said that you're okay and we needn't worried about you. But, we worried! Really! I know maybe you feel sad too, cause you want to leave us, right? Yeah, but actually you needn't to be like that. Just laughs as usual, smiles as usual, everything as usual! I think it's gonna be okay.

We are friends, right? No. I think we are best friends, right? So, tell me if you have problems and I'll give you my favour :) Don't be shy. We know each other since in Junior High School. And now, we are in Senior High School. I think it's a long time to know each other.

Love ya :* BYE!

wanna F.L.Y back into #fourteen15 ♥

I believe I can fly.
I want to reach back to my junior high school life.

Not that I'm not enjoying mine right now, but...yeah. don't you just miss the atmosphere? :(

I miss all the times we were together, Fortunate.

Anyway! I have lots to doooooo and I won't be wasting my time, I hope.


timnas & piala AFF

Indonesia masuk Final piala AFF cuy!setelah ngelawan=
Malaysia 1-5 Indonesia
Laos 0-6 Indonesia
Thailand 1-2 Indonesia
Philippines 0-1 Indonesia (leg.1)
Philippines 0-1 Indonesia (leg.2)

Yang terakhir (December19th2010) goalnya Gonzales fantastisbanget lho!ini sedikit beritanya ya:
Indonesia's national team winning 1-0 over the Philippines until the end of the first round second leg semi-final AFF Cup 2010 in Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta, Sunday (19/12/2010). Indonesia goals scored by Cristian Gonzalez.Goal occurred in the 43rd minute.
Garuda prove the promise to appear to attack on leg determination in the Bung Karno Stadium tonight. Without Irfan Bachdim, Cristian Gonzalez duet with Yongki Ariwibowo on the front line directly in front of goal to spread threats Etheridge in the early minutes.
Despite continued pressure, the Philippines was not able to pursue a two-goal deficit from Garuda. While Indonesia did a refresher on the front lines with interesting Gonzales and enter Bambang Pamungkas. But until until Pluit end sounded, both teams failed to sow goals. The position remained 1-0 for Indonesia.
These results catapulted squad Alfred Riedl to the final round to face Malaysia previously frustrate Vietnam with a 2-0 victory. Final action will be held December 26 at home to Malaysia and 29 December at the Bung Karno.

Appreciation comes from two world class players such as Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand. Two players were congratulated on the victory of the Word Utina et al.
Congratulations also came from Manchester United defender, Ferdinand. Through Twitter, Ferdinand congratulated on the success of Indonesia to qualify for the AFF Cup 2010.
Gimana?hehhe iya itu account asli mereka♥
Yang penting happy Indonesia masuk final
Buat yang mau nge-follow twitternya pemain TimNas..ini account Twitter asli mereka:
@bepe20 @IrfanBachdim10 @markusharison @arifsuyono @Bustomi_19 @hamkahamzah23 @yongki_ari @ridwan_eng @m_roby16 @juansyah_19

07 Desember 2010


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