13 Desember 2009

this is it

"Like You've Never Seen Him Before"

Forget everything you think you know about Michael Jackson. Forget the scandals, the surgeries, the rumors, the mysteries. Just let it all go and admit that Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer in the history of mankind. film ini sutradaranye Kenny Ortega ya ? kalo gasalah sih, eh sutradaranye HSM itu

Michael Jacksonya kan ceritanye lagi latihan buat nanti konsernya
serius banget, dia ngartur2 kru-krunya (bukan ngatur2 yang sok2an coy), terus keliatanye ye orangnye sabaar banget haha paandeh
pokoknya gitulah nonton aja dewek yaaaaw hihih
katanye ni film diperkirakan bakal dapet "600 JUTA US DOLLAR" (kata enyak)
weh gile, ah orang sono pinter ya konsernya kaga jadi kan ruginye banyak yauda latihanye aje bisa di buat film, mayan kan buat ganti kerugianye. lah Indonesia ? haha palingan cuma nangis2 gara2 duitnya ilang wkwkwk

for me The song, the dance, the perfomance was AWESOME! I was completely blown away and entertained from beginning to end. His voice and his dance moves are top form and timeless. A consummate artist, a perfectionist, and a visionary. The film is overflowed with his energy, passion, and dedication.He did really give us a final precious work, "this is it"...

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