02 Maret 2010

Justin Bieber's Totally Awesome Sweet 16 (wish you all the best !)

Justin Bieber 
my brother (with hopefully - ___-)
 Justin 'drew' Bieber♥  
turns16yesterday (march 1st, 2010), but he's already getting the party started.
A source tells me! that the singing sensation has rented out a private estate in Los Angeles, where he and his buds have been watching movies and having dinners.
But the real festivities are going down tonight. So how does the 16-year-old plan to party?
With some good clean fun that includes sumo wrestling, laser tag and karaoke.
Sounds like a pretty sweet 16 to us!
Just yesterday, the singing star got to meet Kobe Bryant after attending a Lakers game.
"Lakers win.. Canada wins in overtime. And I get to meet this guy. KOBE! Blessed birthday," he Tweeted with a photo of him and basketballer. (click here to see the pic)

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