08 Juli 2010

my beloved brother

do you know 'iker casillas'(?)
 he is spain's GOAL KEEPER and also the CAPTAIN
he is Sara Carbonero's boyfriend 
this is some information about he:
  • Date of Birth: 20 May 1981
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Shirt number: 1
  • Current club: Real Madrid (ESP)
 do you wanna see
"Saint Iker" in ACTION ?
with pepe (portugal soccer player)

 what do you think about he (?)
do you know why i post about "Saint Iker" ?
its all because i adore he
do you know why i adore he ?
because he is handsome, he is cool, he can command his team, and the most important  he is the finest goal keeper i think although I do not much like real madrid

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