18 Maret 2011

would you?

Today, someone got me thinking.  
Would you still love me if I had to take two seats on a plane?  
Would you still tell me I’m beautiful if I had a bad burn and it’ll never go away?
In all honesty, I think many of my friends would stop going out with me. It would be really hard to talk to people in school. As much as I would like to think that people like me for who I am inside, I know I live in a superficial (and messed-up) world and some part of us as humans cannot see past the surface. And that’s the crunch of ‘love’ isn’t it? The ability to commit no matter what comes along. And I think then, I won’t just be not good enough. I might be too much. Too much effort needed to love, too much strength needed to withstand the words that this unkind world will hurl, too much. So,  
would you still love me, just the way I am?  
Whatever way it is?

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