23 Februari 2010

project hippie jean !

Just when you think you're losing your deconstructionist's steam and thanks to the Dolce Duo, can't conjure the chutspah to keep up with yet another trend, help arrives. If you have lost all the will it would take to rip yet another T shirt. Here's a fast and friendly way to revamp those jeans left over from the dark Helmut Lang era that you haven't thrown out yet - and regain your hope in wardrobe rehab. All you need is your bathtub, the dark unsightly leftover denim goods and some ordinary household bleach.
Lay the jeans in a bath of about an inch or two of water and pour the bleach in strategic dollops onto areas of your choice. Let sit until desired lightness is achieved. (It took ours about 20 minutes).
Rinse well. Let dry.
Map out any further embellishments with a Bedazzler, embroidery or fabric paint. Rock on !

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