27 April 2010

the red carpet

first of all, I wouldn't forget about my 2 guys.
Taylor Lautner

 Zac Efron

then, I came out with these 5 fabulous dresses I really think "the best"

Best Dresses

1st place:
Cameron Diaz

2nd Place:
Sandra Bullock

 3rd Place:
Fera Varmiga

4th Place:
Rachel McAdams

  5th Place:
Zoe Saldana

these young talented girls really look GLAMOROUS.

Anna Kendrick

Amanda Seyfried

Carey Mulligan

Kristen Stewart

Miley Cyrus

and other FABULOUS dresses.

Penelope Cruz

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Jennifer Lopez

Sarah Jessica Parker

Tina Fay

Meryl Streep

Nichole Richie

Demi Moore

Elizabeth Banks

Georgina Chapman

they all dressed really nice.
They all look really Fantastic!
Stay Glamorous!

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