02 April 2010

fashion icon that i ♥

now, I want to talk about  my favorite fashion icon. as well you know I'm not an experts of fashion, but I have a great sense (I think) so here's the people with style as I said, my fashion icon

1.Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is definiteLy a fashion icon, as you can see her old era rockstar hairstyle is sooo stylish, and I love it. What I love about her style:

1. Her smokey eyes, I love her smokey eyes, it doesn't show her as a goth girl, but as a rockin girl, yes, Little-J is a rockin girl.

2. Her hair, yes well I already explained it, her light blond rockin hair that I love

3. Her edgy style. Two words, unique and a little boyish

4. Her tall body. YES, she's tall and thin. She didn't have anorexia, but it's her body posture. It's cool, I like tall girls.

5. Last, her personality.

2.Emma Watson
Emma Watson. She's so stylish, since the Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire came out and she become a little bit stylish, usually she loves wearing dress with boots, YES a party dress with boots because she loves boots. And after the Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix she became veryyy stylish, designers love her. Karl Lagerfeld love her. She's new icon for the designers, and after I saw her photoshoots, I'm in love with her style. You know, usually I just love her acting career, but now I love heer fashion sense too.
What I love about her:
1. Her vintage style. As a young british girl, she really looks good in vintage style.
2. Her cool poses. As a celebrity and new fashion icon, she must be really good in poses for photoshoots, just look at her poses.
3. The rest of it :p
3.Cory Kennedy

cory kennedy I HEART this GIRL SO MUCH !, (unfortunately she smokes :( ) Her style is so simple and casual but really edgy and unique. This girl have a cool personality. What I love about her:
1. Her cool smile. Sometimes I copy her smile pose :S
2. Her simple but still stylish style.
3. Her lomography hobby. YES! Actually she loves cameras! She have a polaroid camera!
4. And the rest of her style!

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