08 Juni 2010

i need fun in the water ♥

hello bloggy! i haven't post anything for long long time. ask why? i don't have any interesting story to share. and this holiday makes me feel like a dead man. and went to the dentist may be the best thing happened to me,okay that's not too bad, at least this holiday i will wear braces hohoho.

btw,have you read the title of this post?yeah,i really really need to go to a waterpark! not an ordinary swimming pool, but a huge swimming pool with a lot of thrilling action rides!!! to be honest,i wish i can go to waterbom bali, or at least snow bay. yayaya stop talking and shut you mouth,felis.

i just wanna show you the new action rides in waterbom bali...........where's the picture hmm

it's sooooo THRILLING,isn't it?? i wish i can go there soon pray for me pleaseeee :D

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