08 Juni 2010

what i think about photograph?

you know what? beauty isn't the point of photography
and no body knows the point
so, who's know the point?
you. yes, you
if you want to know the answer, all you have to do is..
see some picture
learn it
feel it
find the meaning
gotcha, that's the point
btw, do you understand? no? ok
just see this picture
i mean, duh!, she isn't beauty
but she's happy
happy with her lifestyle
happy with economy
happy with her........... lessness

so people, open your eyes
don't see the picture just like "oh, she's smiling, not good, bye"
feel it! it's easy
and if you can find the point of some picture..
you will get easier to know the people's attitude
honestly, just one sentence that i have to tell you
"DON'T - ever - see - people - just - from - his/her - face - but - see - people - from - their - heart!!"


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